La Jolla, California, December 20, 2017 – The International Surfing Association (ISA) today announced an agreement with the World Surf League (WSL) on the qualification principles for surfing in the Olympics Games Tokyo 2020, ensuring the participation of the world’s best surfers from the WSL Championship Tour (CT) as well as promoting universal opportunities for surfers around the world.


In principle, the agreement will see up to 18 of the 40 places at the Games reserved for WSL Championship Tour (CT) surfers (10 men and eight women), with the remaining 22 places determined at the 2019 and 2020 ISA World Surfing Games, the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, and a single slot (each for men and women) for the host nation (Japan).


With the support of the WSL, the ISA eligibility rules for Olympic participation will require surfers to make themselves available for their national teams to compete in the ISA World Surfing Games in 2019 and 2020 and, if selected by their National Federation, to participate.  


The final decision on the complete process is subject to the approval of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at its meeting in February 2018.


The agreement between the ISA and the WSL reinforces both organizations’ commitment to the successful Olympic debut for surfing, showcasing a strong collaboration between an IOC-recognized International Olympic Federation and the professional home of the world’s best surfers.  


Surfing was confirmed as an Olympic sport for Tokyo 2020 in August of 2016 after decades of campaigning by the ISA for the global development of surfing. Surfing will also be included in the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima. This campaign has been buoyed by the continued improvement in high-performance surfing and mainstream attention of the WSL Championship Tour. 


ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said:


“We are happy to reach this historic agreement with the WSL on the participation of their top stars in the Olympic Games and ISA World Surfing Games. The support, endorsement and collaboration of the WSL and its top professional surfers have always been an important part of our Olympic pathway to Tokyo 2020 and beyond.


“This agreement not only underlines our commitment to have the world’s best athletes competing for gold in Surfing’s debut in Tokyo, but also to ensure that the competitions reflect the open access and universality of our sport around the world, in all five continents.


“We are also very pleased to have the WSL’s full support of and commitment to the ISA World Surfing Games between now and 2020. The participation of the top professionals in their national teams will elevate the surfing to new heights, creating additional excitement and drama in the lead-up to the Olympic Games.”


WSL CEO, Sophie Goldschmidt, said:


“The Olympics offers an incredible platform for any sport and surfing stands to benefit from this massive opportunity in 2020 and, hopefully, beyond. It is essential for surfing to showcase its best possible surfing through this opportunity and that requires the world’s best surfers from the Championship Tour to participate. It’s great that the ISA and WSL, in conversation with the athletes, could come to an agreement on the qualification process for 2020. We look forward to enhancing the partnership as we get closer to this fantastic opportunity.” 





基本合意では、参加枠40の内、WSLチャンピオンシップ・ツアー(CT)サーファー(男性10名と女性8名)が約束され、残り22の参加枠は2019年と2020年のISA世界選手権、2019年のPan American Games、そしてホスト国(日本)のための単一スロット(男女それぞれ)が約束される。
WSLのサポートを基に、オリンピック参加のためのISA適格性ルールは、サーファーは2019年及び2020年にナショナルチームとしてISA World Surfing Gamesに出場する事が条件となる。出場するには各国の連盟からの承認・選定が必要となる。

ISA会長、Fernando Aguerreのコメント:
WSLとの歴史的合意には、WSLのトップスター達がオリンピックやISA World Surfing Gamesに参加する事がとても喜ばしい出来事である。WSL及びプロサーファーの協力、コラボレーションは東京2020年のオリンピック及び以降の道のりにとても重要である。
これから2020年にかけてISA World Surfing Gamesを全面的にサポートしてくれるWSLに感謝を送りたい。最高峰のプロが各国のチームに参加する事で、サーフィンという競技を高め、さらなる興奮とドラマを生み出す事になるオリンピックとなるであろう。
WSL CEO、Sophie Goldschmidtのコメント:


WSL CTのサーファー、男子選手代表Adrian Buchanのコメント:
WSL CTサーファー・女子選手代表Sage Ericksonのコメント:


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