Dear Global Surfers, Statements from ISA/NSA President

Dear Global Surfers, Statements from ISA/NSA President on Recommendation of Surfing for Olympic Games Inclusion


Tokyo 2020’s announcement today is an extraordinary moment for our sport and for the global Surfing Community. The ISA has been riding an amazing wave in this journey for Olympic inclusion and we are thrilled that Tokyo 2020 recognise the exceptional value and youthful lifestyle that Surfing can bring to the 2020 Games. We are deeply grateful to Tokyo 2020 and the IOC for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. We are immensely proud of our sport and what it would bring to the Games and we will continue to work closely with the Olympic Movement to achieve our Olympic dream.

Today’s announcement gives us renewed drive and focus and we are looking forward to working closely with the IOC and Tokyo 2020 in the crucial months ahead to deliver the best possible solution to the IOC Session in Rio.


ISA President, Fernando Aguerre



As a representative of Nippon Surfing Association(NSA), I would give statement on the decision to recommend that Surfing is included on Sports Programme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Today, Tokyo 2020 decided that ‘Shortboard’ in Surfing games to be recommended to International Olympic Committee (IOC) for inclusion in Tokyo 2020 Olympic. Each 20 players from men and women, 40 players in total will play. I express sincere gratitude to Tokyo 2020.

In the year of 50th anniversary of NSA, we took a new step in the history of Surfing both in Japan and all over the world. We expect that the sports will receive more attention and continue to develop as a sports.

NSA will continue to take actions to prevail correct knowledge of Surfing and also make an efforts to develop Japanese players who are able to win global games.

I reiterate my respects and thanks to every person who supported our activity for Olympic Games inclusion.


NSA President, Atsushi Sakai


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