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Surfing proficiency certification


Surfing proficiency certification Schedule

About Essential points concerning Surfing proficiency certification

[Essential points concerning the Nippon Surfing Association Surfing proficiency certification]

<About the application process>
1.Fill-out the required information on the front page and attach a photo identification.
*The application cannot be completed without a photo identification!

2.Present this card at the registration desk and pay the entry fee of 2,000 yen (for each level/per session). (NSA Members are required to show their membership card and participants already holding a surfing proficiency certification must also present it).The person in charge at the reception desk will fill out the class level, the heat number and the bib color.

3.Please check the schedule announced by the organizer. The schedule is subject to change due to a change in the surfing conditions, so please pay attention to the venue information.

<About the certification>
4.The examination will be conducted in the following manner.

1) The Master Judge will explain the criteria for passing the exam. The timing for the explanation will vary depending on the class level you are taking, so please follow the directions.

2) When your class level heat turn will come the Master Judge will assemble the participants of this heat. Please give this card to the Master Judge at this time.

3) As a general rule, the judging time for one heat is 15 minutes. The number of allowed rides is limited to six .As soon as a candidate has met the needed criteria to pass the test the judging process for that competitor will be over even if it happens before the 15 minutes of the heat have passed, so always listen and respect the instructions from the master judge.

4) The Master Judge will seal the test result on the card after the assessment is completed.You are allowed to ask the Master Judge to give you advice on your performance regardless of the result, so don’t refrain from doing it

5) Present this card at the reception desk and transmit your result to the person in charge.

<Accreditation Procedure>
5.The candidates who have passed the test must pay a certification fee of 3,500 yen (for each level/per pass) at the reception desk. The card with the pass mark must be presented at the reception desk.

<Concerning a second and over tries>
6.The organizer will decide to organize a second and subsequent examinations in consideration of the number of applicants and conditions.
When taking a second or over test, as for the first try, you must present this card to the reception desk after the test and report the results to the organizer.

<About the Issuance of the Surfing Proficiency Certificate>
8.Successful applicants will receive a passing certificate and a certification card from the NSA secretariat about a month after the test date.

[Passing Certificate/Receipt of payment of the Certification fee]

Please keep this card until you receive your certificate. If you wish to take a higher level test before you receive your certificate, you must present this card to the registration desk.

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